I Want to Be a Nice Person - Mug or Wine Glass

I Want to Be a Nice Person - Mug or Wine Glass

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This listing is for one item of your selection with the phrase "I want to be a nice person but everyone is just so stupid" in black permanent vinyl.

Please note that each item's vinyl is hand-laid so slight variations may appear mug to mug.

To ensure a long-lasting design, your mug is to be carefully hand washed with cool water and air-dried. Do not scrub over the decal with a sponge or soak mug. Normal wear and tear should be expected, but the general rule of thumb is handmade = hand wash. Dimples & Sass is not responsible for artwork coming off. Options available include:

  • 16 oz Travel Mug

  • 16 oz Coffee Mug

Please use extra care when handling your product.

Please note care instructions provided in your delivered purchase. 

Coffee always tastes better in a fun mug and wine goes down much faster in a sassy wine glass ;-)

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